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Full Credit Application
This is the long form that will collect all necessary information to get you approved.

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Pre-approved Auto Loan
Use this form if you have been approved by a bank, credit union, or any lending institution.

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Cash Purchase Online Form
If you wish to purchase by cash from this dealer, use this form to start the purchasing process.

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Add a Joint Applicant
If you have previously submitted a credit application, but you now need to add a Joint Applicant, use this form to continue.

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Early Loan Termination
If you have an existing auto loan or lease that you want to get out of, we may be able to help you terminate that loan.

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Acquisition Fee:
A charge that is included in most lease transactions. Be sure to always ask the Seller for any and all hidden fees not included in the initial price(s) of the product(s) or service(s) being financed.
Adjusted Capitalized Cost:
The sum of the vehicle price/MSRP (including destination and handling charges and Federal Gas Tax (if applicable)) plus acquisition fees minus the down payment and/or trade-in value.
Capitalized Cost Reduction:
The agreed upon value of the vehicle (the estimated selling price), plus any additional items that might be paid over the term of the lease such as the acquisition fee, taxes, or a service contract.
Destination Fees:
Some OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or Retailers may charge a Destination Fee which is the cost (to you, the buyer) for transporting the product being purchased from one location (e.g. shipping dock) to another location (e.g. Retailer's store). The destination fee may vary depending on the product being purchased.
Document Fees:
Government agencies and other organizations responsible for processing certain legal documents will charge you, the buyer, to process those documents. For convenience to the buyer, many retailers will pay for the document processing and in turn pass those cost on to you, the buyer.
Down Payment:
This is any payment in cash and/or other financial values accepted by the seller, which typically reduces the amount financed. The higher your down payment, the lesser your monthly payment will be.
Gross Payment:
After everything has been calculated (cost, plus and minus this and that), the Gross Payment will be the final amount you will purchase the vehicle for and the total you would have paid at the end of the payment period.
Gross Capitalized Cost:
The Gross Capitalized Cost minus the Capitalized Cost Reduction.
APR Interest:
The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is the interest or cost of your estimated amount financed at a yearly rate. It is calculated against the Net Financed.
Loan Amount / Vehicle PRICE:
The PRICE of the vehicle that is equipped with packages and/or options that are most popular for the selected model. Price may or may not include other fees and charges (e.g. destination fee, and other applicable taxes).
The Net Price (or Net Purchase Price) includes the listed PRICE, plus and minus trade-in, rebates, and other add-ons, but it DOES NOT INCLUDE TAXES (e.g. State, County, City, Transit Authority, etc. taxes where applicable). Investigate and get the total tax percentage for the jurisdiction you are purchasing in and apply it to get a number closer to the true Net Amount to be financed.
Net Financed:
The Net Financed reflects the listed PRICE, plus and minus trade-in, rebates, and other add-ons. Depending on your jurisdiction, it should include related taxes (e.g. State, County, City, Transit Authority, etc. taxes). As a responsible buyer, you should be diligent in finding out all fees and taxes related to your purchase. This way, you will not be surprised at the true amount ($$$) you must pay to acquire your favorite ride.
Retail Add-Ons:
Retail Add-ons are defined as items added (installed) on the product by the Retailer/Seller, which were not part of the original product or installed by the manufacturer. For example, if buying a car, you may select to add NAVIGATION system, High-end tires, Insurance, Alarm System, Service Contract, certain Accessories, and other items that are Add-ons.
The duration of your loan or lease, usually measured in months (e.g., 60 Months or 5 Years. The longer the Term, the lower your payments; and the shorter the Term, the higher your payments.).
Total Due at Lease Signing:
The total amount to be paid prior to or at lease signing or by delivery, if delivery occurs after lease signing.
Total Fees:
Depending on your purchase location, there may be several fees (including government, manufacturer, retailer, and even associations fees and charges) that must be paid when purchasing a vehicle. Fees are additions to the original loan amount. As a buyer, you should do your due diligence and find out all known and hidden fees so that you are not surprised at the final number of the vehicle you have fallen in love with.
Total Taxes:
You should expect to pay various taxes on your vehicle purchase, which, depending on your puchase location, may or may not include: State tax, County tax, District or City tax, and other organizational or transportation authority taxes. The tax percentages vary for each taxing agency. In continuing your due diligence, you should ask the retailer for the TOTAL TAX percentage on your vehicle.
Trade-in Owed:
The amount still owed on your trade-in. This amount will be deducted from the total value of your trade-in.
Trade-In Value:
The net value of your trade-in vehicle that will be credited toward the purchase or lease. This amount may be negative if your current vehicle is worth less than the balance remaining on your current loan or lease.